Shuzhong Wang was born in Lingbi County, Anhui Province, China. He studied at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and obtained a master’s degree. Currently, he lives and works in Shanghai.

Shuzhong Wang is deeply devoted to the exploration of both Eastern and Western art history. He immerses himself in the creation of paintings and calligraphy using a variety of materials such as silk, paper, and hemp. His artistic journey began with a focus on the classical paintings of the Tang, Song, and Yuan dynasties of ancient China, which were exhibited in prominent Chinese art exhibitions and documented in numerous art books and publications. This foundational experience laid the groundwork for his extensive study of Western art history. Subsequently, he sought inspiration from the natural world and the social realities surrounding him. Chinese landscape painting is Wang’s area of expertise, where he frequently depicts disassembled rocks and trees as his preferred subjects. Continuously pushing the boundaries of traditional easel painting, he explores a diverse range of materials, reflecting contemporary trends of thought.

In addition to his painting pursuits, Shuzhong Wang is also an accomplished writer. He extensively delves into the painting history of the Jin, Tang, Song, and Yuan dynasties of ancient China, meticulously documenting his findings. Furthermore, he has authored various monographs, including the notable “Chronology of Wu Hufan.” Moreover, he has curated several academic exhibitions, such as the renowned “Documenta of Wu Hufan” and the esteemed “Documenta of Chang Dai-Chien.”