Amir Shingray was born in Sudan and later moved to Turkey. Currently, he resides and works in Toronto. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bogazici University in Turkey, where he spent six years working at Prof. Gregg Wolf’s studio.

Two cities, Swakin and Istanbul, have had a formative influence on Shingray’s artistic journey. Although Shingray did not initially know that he wanted to pursue a career in fine art when he arrived in Istanbul, he had followed the activities of art students from Khartoum who visited Swakin to capture the splendor of its Islamic architecture and city life as part of their graduation thesis for the Khartoum Fine Arts School.

Shingray’s works often navigate the realms of abstraction and representation. When observing his pieces, viewers experience a constant interplay between despair and hope, as well as an exploration of humanity’s capacity for both beauty and chaos. Regardless of his chosen subject matter, Shingray’s sweeping gestures, bold lines, and harmonious blend of colors give rise to cohesive entities that embody the very essence of life’s movement.